YOUR BODY CARE Vitamin Shower Oil with Microcapsules FIRMING

Unique product featuring innovative, rich formula with Vitamin E enclosed in microcapsules combines dual action: perfectly cleanses and refreshes the body, while providing nourishment and effective firming already during the shower.

It contains Silk Proteins, which visibly improve the condition of the skin, smooth and protect the skin against dryness, as well as Vitamin E, which regenerates, moisturizes and softens the skin, slows the loss of firmness of the body. Stimulating color and floral, warm scent of magnolia relaxes, relieves, revives the senses and adds energy.

Smooth, firm and soft body, velvety to the touch, radiating freshness and beautiful scent.

Apply the oil to wet hands or sponge, massage the body, then rinse with water.