For the past 25 years, Bielenda has been exploring the world of beauty and care to help women discover their natural attractiveness. Inspired by the growing expectations of clients and the upcoming trends, Bielenda perfectly combines the richness of plant extracts with the latest developments in technology and cosmetology. The company offers cosmetics which represent the best performance parameters and satisfy the most restrictive quality and safety criteria.

The Bielenda Research Centre is where uniquely effective products are developed based on highly advanced formulas. The research process, involving in vivo and in vitro tests, is supervised by cosmetics experts who dedicate their passion and expertise to create formulas which satisfy our clients in every detail. We strongly believe that the pleasure of experiencing Bielenda cosmetics is no less important than their effectiveness and safety – exotic scents, richness of colours, unique velvety texture all combined create exceptional product experience for pure enjoyment.

We have adopted a comprehensive approach to Bielenda products – each and every condition must be met to create truly perfect cosmetics. Throughout many years of experience and focus on the development of Bielenda brand and its products, we have arrived at the following fundamental principles and development strategies: