The cosmetic formulas are always developed to guarantee the best skin care effects. Uttermost care is always taken to safeguard the highest quality of our cosmetics, which are always effective, efficient and safe. Cosmetics are tested by experts in dermatology.

BIELENDA respects the laws of the nature and therefore none of its products are tested on animals. In fact, Bielenda goes a step further and expects its partners and suppliers to follow the same rule.

When environmental issues are at stake, Bielenda follows an international environmental management standard ISO 14001 aimed at minimizing environmental impact, and is a proud holder of the ISO 14001 Certificate.

ISO 14001 addresses the questions of natural resources, waste waters, industrial waste and energy consumption.

The awarded certificate is a proof of compliance with the applicable environmental protection regulations.

Bielenda is environmentally aware at each and every stage of manufacture and distribution.

Certification Bielenda