ARGAN CLEANSING FACE OIL Refined argan oil to clean and wash the face + sebum control complex

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Preparation in the form of light HYDROPHILIC oil to CLEAN AND WASH facial skin prone to imperfections, discoloration, excessive secretion of sebum and oily and combination skin.


It contains an effective combination of precious argan oil with regulatory and matting properties of sebum control complex, which contributes to a significant improvement in the quality of the epidermis, its renewal and reducing the overactivity of the sebaceous glands. The unique light oil formula that turns into a delicate foam in contact with water effectively dissolves all impurities susceptible to fat and water: removes make-up, liquefies sebum, cleanses the skin of impurities and refreshes it.


The oil has the effect of satin soft skin, smoothing, it does not aggravate the skin while reducing the immediate feeling of dryness and discomfort.


Moisten the face and hands. Apply a small amount of oil to the palms (1-2 doses), evenly spread on the skin, until a soft foam appears and rinse the skin with lukewarm water. If the product enters the eyes, rinse abundantly with water.

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