ARTISTI PROFESSIONAL COLOR KERATIN – Keratin Hair Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair


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Innovative formulas allowed us to create a “diet” for the hair, based on reparatory action of proteins and nutritional action of vitamins, and enhanced by moisturizing substances, humectants (Arginine) and emollients (Coconut oil), which form an occlusive layer on the surface of the hair to facilitate absorption of active ingredients and protect it from damage and UV radiation. Such combination guarantees balance in hair care and provides the hair with everything it needs to regain a wonderful condition, volume and shine.

Volume 250 ml


Keratin conditioner rich in nutritious proteins and D-Panthenol (Provitamin B5) effectively regenerates and moisturizes damaged hair, weakened by dyeing and other treatments. It restores the shine and makes your hair smooth and flexible. Protects the color against fading, facilitates combing, prevents split hair ends.

The conditioner contains Keratin, which penetrates deep into the hair fiber, fills the microcavities and rebuilds damaged hair cuticles, making the hair strong, healthy and protected against further damage, as well as full of additional volume and thickness. Coconut Oil smooths, softens and gives shine, as well as creates a protective coating on the surface of the hair, Citric Acid perfectly moisturizes.


Easy combing, color protection, shine.


Distribute a small amount of conditioner on damp, washed hair. Avoid direct application onto the scalp. After a while rinse with water. Use after every hair wash. In case of contact of the product with your eyes, immediately rinse them with water.

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