CARBO DETOX Charcoal hair mask

CARBO DETOX Maska węglowa do włosów 300 ml_EAN 5902169025656

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Innovative charcoal mask gives effective care to all hair types with tendency to grease. Innovative formula, based on natural, activted carbon, with strong detoxifying properties, deeply moisturises, regenerates and rebuilds hair, decreases greasing. It makes your hair look shiny, smooth and elastic, it makes combing easier, prevents splitting ends and electrification.

Except for active carbon it contains keratin, which deeply penetrates hair fibre, fills micro defects and rebuilds damaged hair scales, thanks to which the hair becomes strong, healthy and is protected against further damage, as well as it gets additional volume and thickness

Can be used for dyed and blond hair.

Massage the mask into moist, towel-dry hair. Avoid applying directly onto the scalp. Rinse off thoroughly with water after 2-3 minutes. Use 1–2 times a week. If the products gets into the eyes, rinse them out with water immediately.

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