CARBO DETOX Charcoal makeup removing micellar cream

CARBO DETOX Węglowy krem micelarny do demakijażu 250 ml_EAN 5902169025618

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Charcoal makeup removing face micellar cream with detoxifying effect purifies combination and oily skin, removes impurities, makeup and excess sebum fast and efficiently.
Innovative formula, based on natural, active carbon, efficiently purifies the skin from toxins, unlocks and tightens pores, prevents blemishes, nicely mattes and degreases shiny skin, moisturises, soothes irritations.
It is gentle and mild to the eyes.

Fresh, well-cleaned, matte and smooth skin.

Moisten the skin of face and hands. Apply the cream on your hands and evenly spread on the skin until a fine foam is formed, thoroughly rinse the skin with lukewarm water. Apply every morning and evening or more often depending on your needs. Then apply the appropriate Bielenda cream.

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