CARBO DETOX Charcoal washing and makeup removing micellar water

CARBO DETOX Węglowy płyn micelarny 200 ml_EAN 5902169025625

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Charcoal washing and makeup removing face and eyes micellar water with detoxifying effect washes, refreshes and tonnes combination and oily skin, removes impurities, makeup and excess sebum fast and efficiently.

Innovative formula, based on natural, active carbon, efficiently purifies the skin from toxins, unlocks and tightens pores, prevents blemishes, nicely mattes and degreases shiny skin, moisturises, soothes irritations.

Except for carbon it also contains MICELLES, which capture and remove makeup, sebum and all impurities.

D-PANTHENOL intensively moisturises and regenerates skin. Soothes irritations, gives skin softness and elasticity.

fresh, well purified, matt and smooth skin.

apply the liquid onto a cotton pad, cleanse the skin. Use every morning and evening or more often as needed. The product does not have to be rubbed into the skin or rinsed. Afterwards, apply a suitable Bielenda cream.

The cosmetic does not dirty the face. It is gentle and mild to the eyes.

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