GLOW ESSENCE Moisturizing makeup primer – dull skin

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COLOUR pearl gel makeup primer is a perfect way to enhance the look of grey, tired skin lacking radiance and moisturize it. The smart dispenser turns multi-coloured capsules suspended in a gel into a velvet makeup primer that will add radiance to your skin. The colours of the pearls have been selected to create a mix that improves the look and colour of the skin, adding it girlish radiance. YELLOW eliminates shadows and greys, VIOLET is targeted at imperfections, BEIGE tones the skin and PINK improves its colour. The primer is very light, not viscous, and quickly absorbed. It is compatible with every shade and type of foundation.

Application: Spread the product evenly on the face with fingertips and wait until it is absorbed. It can be used as a makeup primer, but also on its own as day skin care product. Spread the product evenly on the face with your fingertips until the balls are rubbed completely.

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