GOLDEN OILS Ultra Firming Bath and Shower Body Scrub with precious oils (babassu, passiflora, pistachio oils)


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It contains the true power of the precious beauty essential oils. The rich firming formula of the scrub is based on a combination of natural sugar, regenerating and providing elasticity properties of the precious oils from the farthest corners of the world:

BABASSU OIL – contains 70% of lipids; phytosterols provided to the skin stimulate its health and production of cells.

PASSIFLORA OIL – ideal for the skin in need of intensive regeneration, improves its condition and tension.

PISTACHIO OIL – perfectly soothes the skin leaving it soft to the touch, has moisturizing properties.

Give your skin the wealth of the oil luxury, wrap your body in the wonderful smell of the warm oil notes.


The scrub thoroughly exfoliates the dead and thickened skin, quickly improves the skin condition, softens and smoothes the skin while providing it all the best. Dryness, unpleasant tension and flaking of the skin disappears.


Smooth, soft, beautiful scented body.


Apply the scrub onto wet skin and massage the entire body, wash off with lukewarm water. Then spread the GOLDEN OILS lotion or the body butter on the skin.

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