GRAFFITI 3D Żel do wlosów MOCNY_tuba_maly

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Innovative styling hair gel containing a very strong moisturising agent – hyaluronic acid. The product conditions any hairstyle very strongly and durably, and at the same time, it provides excellent hair care and nourishing.

Content: 150 g


Gel conditions even the most messy hair. It guarantees that even the most fancy haircut will be long-lasting and your hair will keep its natural softness, sensual appearance and brilliant shine. The product has a very pleasing fragrance, it makes hair more fancy and vital, and does not dry it up.

HYALURONIC ACID is one of the strongest moisturisers. It prevents hair and head skin from drying , traps and retains moisture in hair, and moistens it from inside. Therefore, your hair is healthy, strong, damage free and perfectly moistened.

KERATIN is an ingredient essential to hair growth and responsible for hair condition and quality.


Long-lasting haircut, full of vitality. Healthy, smooth, perfectly moistened, shiny and sexy hair.


Apply uniformly on semi-dry hair. Style as usual.

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