GRAFFITI 3D – WICHRZYCIEL fluid for shaggy hair

Graffiti 3D_FLUID_wichrzyciel_v3_rgb

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Dreaming of shaggy hair? Your dream will come true!

WICHRZYCIEL fluid excellently increases haircut volume and improves hair glamour and vitality without any hair pressing. It efficiently facilitates hair brushing out and modelling.

Content: 150 ml


Silk proteins “seal” hair surface, make hair extremely smooth and moisten it from inside.

D-Panthenol makes hair fibres smooth and thickened. It also makes hair shiny, traps moisture inside the hair and prevents lamination of hair ends.


Healthy, fuller, vital, shiny, perfectly moistened, and sexy hair.


Spray on the whole length of damp, towel-dried hair. Brush out your hair and leave to dry or style your haircut using a blow dryer.

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