Peel-off mask COCONUT & ALOE VERA

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PEEL-OFF mask for dry and dehydrated skin care. Contains effective combination of efficient nourishing ingredients enhancing rejuvenation, refreshment and hydration of the skin.

The main ingredient of the mask is the is the COCONUT WATER being a natural isotonic, providing the dry and dehydrated skin with numerous vital minerals and vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and B-group vitamins. ALOE VERA JUICE soothes, hydrates, strengthens and smooths the skin and HYALURONIC ACID binds water in the skin and is responsible for maintaining the proper level of hydration. TREHALOSE – a natural “guardian” limiting the water migration from the skin further enhances the mist properties.

The mask is a perfect way to make the skin fresh and hydrated. PEEL-OFF FORMULA, extremely easy to use, does not burden the skin, is easy to apply and sets quickly thus creating a translucent film. It is easy to peel off. The skin is visibly refreshed and hydrated. Once the mask is off you will uncover truly beautiful skin, as the mask removes skin impurities and dead cells, cleans the pores, smooths and refreshes. It does not get your hands dirty, it is easy to take off and no traces of the product are left on the skin.

Application: Twice a week, apply the mask to cleansed skin of the face. Avoid the area of eyes and lips. Leave on for 15 minutes or until completely dry. Remove in one piece. Wash the rest off with warm water. Next, wipe the skin with the GREEN TEA Infused Water.

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