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Micellar water 3in1 effectively cleanses and refreshes the skin, rapidly removes make-up, remaining impurities and excess sebum, at the same time being mild for dry and dehydrated skin. Thanks to efficient cleansing properties, the water removes environmental impurities and those accumulated on the skin during the day. It leaves the skin clean, fresh and gives it the feeling of comfort.

Micelles, being the basic active ingredient, combine both with lipids and water, thus collecting all types of impurities from the skin surface. It is a perfect way for deep skin cleansing and reduction of risk of irritations. The formula, enriched with ALOE VERA JUICE,  having a soothing and firming properties, COCONUT WATER  – reach in vitamins and minerals, as well as hydrating HYALURONIC ACID, improves the nourishing properties of the product providing the skin with vital and easily absorbed ingredients.

The preparation is intended for daily care of dry and dehydrated skin. It prevents drying of the skin during make-up removal. Exceptional multitasking formula makes the skin clean and gives it glow, softness and smoothness.

Application: Moisten a cotton swab, clean the skin. Use every morning and evening or as a refreshing treatment throughout the day. Does not require rubbing.

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