MAKE-UP ACADEMIE MAGIC BASE Moisturizing ROSE make-up base with BB effect


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The unique concept of colorful pearls suspended in a transparent gel, which after passing through the applicator transform into a fluid.

It’s a perfect way to make your skin look more attractive and increase its hydration.

The dispenser breaks the capsules suspended in the gel, releasing the fluid contained in them. Such a formula changes into a velvety toning make-up primer on the skin – BB EFFECT.

Primers gently level the skin tone, providing a perfect colour base for every shade and type of foundation.

They subtly improve the look of the epidermis, even out and illuminate it gently, giving your skin a radiant glow.

Primers give a discreet and natural effect, they are very light, not viscous, and they absorb quickly.


The product can be used as a make-up primer, but it can be also used separately as a day cream with BB effect. Apply the base evenly with your fingertips.

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