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Nourishing oil immersed in velvety texture of a cream quickly and effectively improves the condition of the skin and makes your body become more beautiful and more smooth. Its intense moisturizing treatment softens and firms the skin.

COCONUT OIL is rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It instantly reaches deeper layers of the skin with effective moisturizing and smoothing effect. It nourishes, regenerates and brings relief to dry skin, removes the roughness.

Give your skin a wealth of oil luxury and wrap the body with the wonderful smell of oil notes. Feel the magic and power of natural essential oil that will give your body a unique flexibility. Non-greasy cream formula provide quick absorption and does not leave oily layer.

EFFECT:  your skin will be extremely firm, silky smooth and wonderfully fragrant, The body becomes soft and gentle.

APPLICATION: Massage the oil-in-cream into the skin of the whole body. For everyday use. year-round.

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