CC MAGIC NAILS Cuticle STOP eXtreme – Effective product instantly ELIMINATING persistent cuticles and calluses

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This multifunctional and effective product helps remove persistent cuticles and calluses, and improves the appearance of the nails and the skin around them in 10 different ways.  Moisturizing aloe vera extract, soothing d-panthenol and nourishing rose water improve the condition of cuticles and the skin around the nails, restoring their healthy and well-groomed appearance.  The product is based on the CC Correction & Care formula, which, when used systematically, restores nails and the skin around them, reduces the risk of painful tears and skin growth into the nail plate, as well as shortens the time required to remove unwanted cuticle skin from the nail plate.




  1. Effectively softens cuticles
  2. Facilitates removal of excessive cuticles
  3. Reduces skin growth into the nail plate
  4. Prevents hangnails and damage to the cuticles
  5. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin around the nails
  6. Softens the thickened epidermis
  7. Helps give the nails a nice shape
  8. Easy application
  9. Quick action
  10. Restores healthy and aesthetic appearance to the nails




Apply the product to cuticles and calluses around the nails. Leave for about 15 seconds (but not more than 1 minute), then move the softened cuticles away from the nail plate using a cuticle stick. Wash the nails with lukewarm water and soap. When applying the product to calluses, do not leave in on for more than 1 minute.  Follow by washing your hands with soap and lukewarm water.


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