LASER XTREME Hydrating and regenerating micellar liquid for cleansing and make-up removal

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Innovative LASER XTREME micellar liquid effectively substitutes cleansing milk, toner and water.


Quickly, carefully and very effectively cleanses and refreshes the skin, removes makeup, dirt and excess sebum, moisturizes, and soothes irritation. HYALURONIC ACID MICROGRIDS form a mesh on the surface of the skin, which effectively retains water in the epidermis. BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES actively revitalize and firm the skin to prevent sagging. PHYTO CELL TEC™ ALP ROSE deeply regenerates skin stem cells, reducing even deep wrinkles.


Clean and fresh skin, smoothed and intensely hydrated.


Moisten a cotton swab and clean the skin. Do not rinse. Apply every morning and evening, or during the day as a refreshing treatment. Follow by applying an appropriate product from the LASER XTREME line.



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