LIFT Lifting anti-wrinkle sheet mask

LIFT Liftingująca maska przeciwzmarszczkowa w płacie_EAN 5902169025229

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Hydroplastic 3D sheet lifting mask adapts to the shape of your face perfectly.

The mask has an immediate lifting effect, smooths and reduces wrinkles, improves skin firmness and elasticity and helps the face regain the perfect oval. It brightens discoloration and moisturises intensively.


Visibly uplifted, smooth and radiant skin, noticeably increased skin firmness and elasticity, reduction of wrinkles.


Apply the mask on the cleansed skin of the face so that it adheres to the entire surface of the skin. Leave for 15 minutes. Remove the sheet and leave the mask to be absorbed or rinse with lukewarm water. Next apply a Bielenda LIFT cosmetic matching the needs of your skin.

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