Lip balm VOLUMIZING BABY DOLL PINK, light pink, 10g


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LIP BALM BABY DOLL PINK slightly volumizes the natural size of your lips, making them look smoother and fuller. Thanks to addition of substances that stimulate microcirculation in the epidermis, the volumizing effect is instantaneous and visible; moreover, hyaluronic acid microspheres revitalize and moisturize your lips with a long-lasting effect. The preparation makes your lips more prominent and full, and with a color that matches your skin type, it will bring out the full appeal of your lips. VOLUMIZING LIP BALM by Bielenda is a perfect product, as our lips look sexy only if smooth, moisturized, and… radiant with color!

Application: directly onto lips or lipstick, avoiding corners of the mouth. The balm can be applied several times a day, as needed.

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