CC MAGIC NAILS 10 in 1 Nail conditioners

Multifunctional nail serum-conditioners extremely improve the appearance and condition of nails in 10 different ways.

No FORMALDEHYDE content ensures safe regeneration and strengthening the nail plate, it becomes more resistant to damage, more durable and smoother.

CC Correction & Care Formula takes care of your nails, they regain pretty healthy color and aesthetic appearance due to systematic application and are protected against splitting, cracking and brittleness.

Delicate shades of nutrients give nails a beautiful shimmering effect of natural pink. Nutrients remain long on the nail plate.

The line includes:

  1. CC MAGIC NAILS REPAIR EXTREME 10 in 1 Multifunctional REGENERATING conditioner – nail serum WITH VITAMINS 11 ml
  2. CC MAGIC NAILS  POWER EXTREME 10 in 1 Multifunctional STRENGTHENING conditioner – nail serum WITH PEARL 11 ml
  3. CC MAGIC NAILS  DIAMOND EXTREME 10 in 1 Multifunctional HARDENING conditioner – nail serum WITH DIAMOND 11 ml
  4. CC Care EXTREME 10 in 1 – MARULA OIL serum for regeneration of cuticles and nails 11 ml
  5. CC MAGIC NAILS Cuticle STOP eXtreme – Effective product instantly ELIMINATING persistent cuticles and calluses 12 ml

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