Only For Men


ONLY FOR MEN innovative, rich in active ingredients line of products for men.

EXTRA ENERGY for gray, tired, stressed skin, with reduced firmness and elasticity, mimic wrinkles, irritation, dry skin.
Effect: strengthened, regenerated and stimulated skin, again ready for daily activity

SUPER MAT for oily, impure skin with imperfections, clogged pores, skin irritation.
skin is smooth, matter and hydrated for long.

STRONG POWER for aging skin that loses firmness and flexibility.
Effect: skin is smoother, regenerated, looks healthy. Wrinkles are reduced and less visible.


  1. SUPER MAT Exfoliating cleansing gel 150g
  2. SUPER MAT Moisturizing anti-shine Gel 50ml
  3. EXTRA ENERGY Cleansing Gel 150 g
  4. EXTRA ENERGY Moisturizing cream against signs of fatigue 50ml
  5. STRONG POWER Anti-wrinkle Regenerating Cream 50ml
  6. MULTI ACTION Refreshing 3 in 1 shower gel 200 ml

Natural active ingredients:

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