Argan Face Oil Enriched argan oil + hyaluronic acid

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against wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity

Preparation in the form of light oil designed for skin prone to losing moisture, natural elasticity, firmness and tautness. It contains an effective combination of precious argan oil with moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid microspheres, which contributes to a significant improvement in the quality of the epidermis, its recovery and reconstruction.
Unique light oil formula imparts a satin finish effect to the skin without burdening it, while simultaneously reducing the feeling of dryness and discomfort.
The product is BIOCOMPATIBLE WITH SKIN because it contains substances naturally occurring in the skin, such as Omega 3-6, which are necessary to maintain hydrolipid balance and proper functioning of the skin.


A unique combination of argan oil and other essential oils, known to restore vitality of the skin (macadamia oil and black currant oil) cause the product to actively rejuvenate and regenerates the skin, while also smoothing and strengthens it.

HYALURONIC ACID Microspheres are an excellent active ingredient with MULTIFUNCTIONAL properties, used in professional aesthetic medicine. It is one of the best-studied substances used in cosmetics, scientifically proven to be effective:

mechanically fills wrinkles from the inside by swelling and increasing in volume
retains water in the skin which provides the skin with optimum moisture level protects against loss of skin elasticity and flexibility
tightens and smoothes the skin
improves the overall appearance and condition of skin at any age


The skin is visibly nourished, moisturized and regenerated. The epidermis is strengthened and the skin appears younger.


At night, apply about 2-3 drops of oil to cleansed face and neck, depending on your needs. Gently massage into the skin. Gently massage into the skin. You can also add a few drops of oil to the typically used cream and apply mixed formula to the face.

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