CARBO DETOX Charcoal nose strips 2 pcs

CARBO DETOX Węglowe plastry na nos 2 szt_EAN 5902169028756

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Deeply cleansing nose strips immediately improve the condition of mixed and oily skin.

Innovative formula based on natural active carbon quickly and efficiently cleans the skin from toxins, it removes blackheads that are difficult to remove and persistent skin impurities, it unlocks and tightens pores, as well as prevents blemishes. An active layer with detoxifying carbon penetrates deeply in the pores and removes impurities that lock the pores, it absorbs extensive sebum, leaving the skin clean, smooth and matt and the pores tightened and less visible.

APPLICATION: Cleanse the nose, moisten it with water, dry your hands. Note! The strip does not adhere to dry skin. Take the plaster out from the package and remove the foil. Stick the smooth side of the plaster to the moistened skin, press it. Wait 1-15 minutes. Peel off slowly on both sides at the same time starting from the edges of the nose pulling towards the centre. Wash off the residuals of carbon with water.

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