CARBO DETOX Charcoal salt body peeling ANTI-CELLULITE

CARBO DETOX Węglowy peeling do ciała ANTYCELLULIT 250 g_EAN 5902169025649

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Charcoal salt body peeling with detoxifying and ANTI-CELLULITE effect efficiently peels off dead skin cells, removes roughness and thickening of the skin, smooths without irritating.

Innovative formula, based on natural, activated carbon and caffeine from Guarana efficiently purifies skin from toxins, moisturises and smooths the body. A massage with peeling and anti-cellulite effects: it stimulates blood circulation in the skin improving its firmness and elasticity, it softens and refreshes the skin.

smooth, firm, gentle to the touch body.

Apply onto wet skin of the body, massage gently and rinse with water afterwards.

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