DR MEDICA Dermatological anti-acne CREAM DAY/NIGHT 50ml


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Dermatological, anti-acne cream contains specially developed formula TR-T 70mg/1g consisting of strong active substances, which have direct effect on acne lesions in a condensed way.


  • normalizes functioning of oil glands
  • reduces the existing acne and inhibits formation of new lesions
  • mattifies, reduces skin oiliness
  • visibly tightens the pores
  • brightens discolorations
  • moisturises and soothes the skin.


AZELOGLICIN (azelaic acid derivative) stops growth of bacteria responsible for acne, reduces skin greasing, reduces uneven pigmentation.

MANDELIC ACID has antibacterial effects, soothes acne lesions, brightens post-acne uneven pigmentation, balances skin tone.

LACTOBIONIC ACID gently exfoliates the epidermis, stimulates skin’s repair mechanisms, smooths, intensively moisturises.

NIACINAMIDE prevents uneven pigmentation, brightens and strengthens the skin, increases its resistance to damages.


Massage the cream into cleansed skin of your face, every morning and evening. Avoid the eye area. The cream is a perfect makeup primer. When applying the cream during the day, use UV protection preparations.

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