SKIN CLINIC PROFESSIONAL Active ANTI-AGE Skin Brightening Serum day/night


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Professional product for skin with discolorations.



Discolorations and sun spots reduced            83%

Smooth, uniform and radiant complexion      92%

  • discolorations, dark spots and capillaries less visible
  • radiant skin



Active Skin Brightening Serum effectively improves the quality of skin troubled by visible discolorations and capillaries, gray, tired, exhibiting loss of elasticity following overexposure to the sun. Reduces pigmentation – lightens discolorations and scars, reduces visibility of capillaries and dark spots resulting from sun exposure and aging of the skin. It’s Anti-pollution properties protect the skin from negative effects of environmental pollution and UV rays. Antioxidant properties – slows down aging processes of the skin, smooths wrinkles, regenerates and firms the skin damaged due to long term sun exposure. Moisturizes, reduces grayness, illuminates.


Professional serum contains high dose of powerful active ingredients.

STABLE VITAMIN C (new generation derivative) is one of the strongest antioxidants. It stimulates collagen production, slows down aging, protects the DNA, strengthens and regenerates the skin. It effectively evens out skin tone, reduces pigmentation disorders, reduces the tendency towards discoloration and capillary changes, imparts radiance, protects against photo- and chrono-aging, provides optimal hydration.


ANTIOX HYDRA COMPLEX with powerful moisturizing and antioxidant properties contains Vitamin B3, Gluconolactone, Betaine and Sodium Lactate, among many others. It eradicates free radicals, smooths wrinkles, firms and strengthens the skin, increasing its resistance to damage, reducing the appearance of age spots and freckles, while also soothing irritations and protecting the skin from dryness and negative impact of the environment.

CITRIC ACID gently exfoliates by stimulating the repair processes of the skin, reduces all kinds of spots and discolorations, thus restoring the skin’s radiance and freshness.


Smooth, firm, radiant and bright complexion with a uniform tone. Discolorations, dark spots, acne scars and capillaries become lighter and less visible; wrinkles are smoothed.


Massage several drops of serum into cleansed skin of the face and neck every morning and evening. Serum may be used by itself or as a base for your favorite Bielenda cream.  In order to maintain the properties of the product, please store it inside a box placed in a dark place.

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