COCONUT & ALOE VERA face cleansing oil

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Cosmetic  in a form of light HYDROPHILOUS oil, perfect for CLEANSING AND WASHING of dry and dehydrated face skin. Contains highly efficient combination of mild cleansing substances, beneficial forces of aloe vera juice, hydrating hyaluronic acid and coconut oil having antioxidant features, that prevents ageing of the skin, nourishes and rejuvenates. Its special light oily formula changing under water in soft foam, efficiently dissolves any impurities susceptible to fat and water:  removes make-up, liquefies sebum, cleanses the skin from impurities and gives it a fresh look. The skin becomes soft as a satin and smooth. The preparation, by nurturing the skin does not burden it, does not cause tautness, the skin does not become dry and its natural protective barrier remains intact.

Application: moisten the skin and hands with water. Apply a few doses of the oil on your hands and massage evenly into the skin, until it transforms into a delicate foam. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. In case of eye contact, rinse them with a lot of water.

PLEASE NOTE – protect the product’s packaging from water. The product may be stored in room temperature. The sediment that may appear is the effect of use of natural ingredients.

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