Liquid Crystal Biotechnology 7D
Youthful Glow


LIQUID CRYSTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 7D constitutes professional and exceptionally effective anti-wrinkle cosmetic line of new generation, which radically combats first symptoms of aging. The line has been created based on newest achievement of contemporary technology – liquid crystal base, built to resemble skin. Intelligent anti-aging formulae excellently combat 7 symptoms of passing time and guarantee spectacular results in detaining the wrinkles creation process and extreme hydration of skin.

In order to meet the growing demands of women for effective anti-wrinkle care, all formulas in the Biotechnology Liquid Crystal 7D are based on the unique liquid crystal formula – one of the latest achievements of modern cosmetology.
Unlike traditional creams, liquid crystal-based creams can be called perfect, because their structure is built as a reflection of skin structure and is consistent with its physiology.
The liquid crystal base includes membrane lipids, which support the natural lipid barrier of the skin, providing long-term hydration and gradual release of active ingredients.

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