Ultra-effective lifting therapy for mature skin, including sensitive skin, is based on the modern Advanced Encapsultation Technology, which involves an advanced system of delivering calcium to the skin. Calcium ions are surrounded by the highest quality phospholipids, creating an innovative system of double Ca2+ conical vectors, thanks to which calcium becomes fully bioavailable to the skin and is better absorbed by it.


An excellent supramolecular structure is created in which calcium Ca2+ ions serve as signal molecules, precisely reaching specific skin cells and activating their repair and reconstruction processes caused by the aging process.


Coenzyme Q10 occurs naturally in the skin, but with age its content decreases and for the skin to remain firm and smooth longer, it must be supplied from the outside. Coenzyme Q10 in capsules perfectly penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, and liposome structures protect it against degradation. Thanks to this, it maintains the highest biological activity for a long time and works long after application.

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